Terms of use of Afina Rental Car

Terms of use of Afina Rental Car

  1. Maximum number of passengers is in accordance with the normal capacity of the vehicle :
    – Innova: max 7 passengers
    – Avanza: max 7 passengers
    – Pregio: max 10 passengers
  2. Not allowed to ask the driver to engage in activities that violate traffic laws or endanger the safety of the trips:
    – Exceeding the applicable speed limit or maximum 120 km/hour on the highway.
    – Preceding vehicle from the shoulder
    – Parking or stopping in a prohibited place
  3. Do not use a rental vehicle for some of the following activities:
    – Unlawful activity, including but not limited to robbery / theft, terrorism, prostitution, gambling, drunkenness, and other activities that are prohibited under applicable law
    – Activities sacrilegious violation of religious or cultural norms prevailing in society.
  4. Do not carry loads that exceed the capacity according to the applicable rules or items that can caused damage to the vehicle interior
  5. Do not bring in items with strong odors like durian.
  6. Do not bring in goods that are prohibited by law such as firearms, weapons, any kind of drug.

Afina Driver will remind passengers and may refuse to take them to the place that is not in accordance with this terms, and the driver has the right to leave the passengers at the site if the passengers do an activity or being in a place that does not comply with the above terms and,

AFINA Rent Car Management reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the booking for the next day if the user or tenant use of vehicles that do not comply with this provision and rental fees for curent day can not be refunded.

This term is made to ensure the safety and comfort of your journey, thank you for your kind attention and understanding .


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